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Name:Deep Space Fine OOC comm
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Welcome to the OOC comm for [community profile] deep_space_fine, a jambox (part jamjar, part AU, part sandbox) open to all characters from all canons and not-canons.

You arrive on a space station orbiting a planet. It's got every amenity, unless it doesn't. It's got any facility you could require--unless a plot requires that it doesn't. You might have woken up here. You might have arrive by space ship. You might have jumped through time or space. Maybe it's on purpose, maybe it isn't. There might be people who look like you here. There might be people who ARE you here. Maybe the natives are friendly. Maybe you can't find any. Settle in or go exploring. It's up to you!

OOC basics.
This is a playspace. Basically, it's what we want it to be--a collaborative effort. The space station allows us to create as we go. All you need do is register your character(s), find a place to dive in, and get cracking. I will keep updated characters lists as well as locations. But don't limit yourself to those! For the sake of organization, let me know here and I'll add a master post. For the sake of sensitive viewers, add your own post with warnings if you wanna do something that might require them.

OOC: Rules/FAQ | Characters | Intros | Plotting

Current Locations: Shuttle/Docking Bay | Living Quarters | Mess Hall | Bar/Nightclub | Holo-recreation | Labs | Space | Planet
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